Ramble rabble random

Well its been a while since I’ve blogged. A lot has happened between my last and now, too much to type about.

Halloween has come and gone. I really feel like this whole year has flown by. November is my favorite month, obviously because of Thanksgiving. Nobody expects anything from you. You can just sit around, watch the parade, and shove as much shit into your mouth that’s past socially acceptable. (Which I plan on doing) 

Seth and Sophie have been little terrors here recently. My anxiety has sky rocketed for whatever reason. My goal is to calm the f down and try to relax a lot more. Maybe I should pick up meditating or something. We shall see. 

Speaking of goals, January is coming up fast, better start thinking of realistic resolutions. **gets life in order**

                       **drink more coffee**

Sounds reasonable, right? Maybe the second one. Mmmm coffee. 

Seth and I went to java jive tonight. We brought his Captain underpants book to read while we drank some hot chocolate and iced chai. 

This is so random 

Goodnight all


Weekend recap and extras

So much has been going on here recently. Part of me wants to complain and bitch about everything, but I just have to be thankful for what we have at the present time. 

Kids and I have been keeping busy. Lots of reading, homework, outside playing, cleaning, going through toys and clothing, and just spending time with each other. Seth is very into chapter books at the moment. We have been going through them like crazy!!! I absolutely love this because not only do I love to read, but it helps him learn and gets him interested in reading as well. We have a few more chapters to read in Charlotte’s Web.. Then moving onto Stewart little.  Sophie does okay while we read the chapter books, but I always give her some other books to look at while I read. 

Seth is doing amazing in school. It’s hard to believe the difference from last year and this year. I honestly think it had to do with his teacher. As I heard many and many complaints about the kindergarten witch. His teacher this year, Mrs. Ford, is absolutely amazing. You can tell she really cares and loves to teach!! 

Sophie has been doing flash cards at home and counting. She can count up to 10 by herself most days… Other days it’s 2 3 9 10, when she is in a hurry. She knows her alphabet, just practicing on identifying the letters now. 

My grandma. My sweet Wanda has been living with cmml (cancer) for almost 10 years. She was recently and unwillingly moved to a nursing home due to her power of attorney (idiot). Hopefully for just a short period until she gets stronger to be back at her home. I must say.. You have to fight for what you believe in and fight for those who can’t. Even if you can’t change the outcome. It’s the principle of trying. So just trying to stay positive and stay strong for her, because she doesn’t need the weakness or negativity right now. My sister in Connecticut is sending things to decorate her room, books, word searches, phone, and we are also possibly looking for a TV for her. Stay positive and stay strong Wandie, Treasa, Ashley and, myself.

We went to the zoo this past weekend. The weather was amazing and the kids had so much fun.. Much needed break away from Hannibal. We also went to bonkers for Seth’s school night on Friday. Very glad they do things like that so he has lids he knows he can play with. He had a wonderful time and so did Soph.

This weekend we have a birthday party to attend, trick or treat trail walk, and folk life festival. I wasn’t planning on taking the kids.. But I love the atmosphere, so we will be going. 

Hope everyone has a good week. Just please keep my grandma, sister, mom, and I in your thoughts as we are dealing with a tough situation and dealing with idiotic people. 

 Kind of blurry, but they just started to hold hands and walk. Had to snap a fast picture before they decided to fight with each other. 

I party so hard

“I can’t wait for a moment by myself!”

That is what I’m usually saying by day 12 with the kids. Being followed to the bathroom is a real thing. Showering with an audience is regular now, eating cold food while the kids have nice hot meals.. everyday occurrence. 

My life revolves around my kids. Absolutely true. The two people I talk to the most outside of the 6 and 2 year old, are my mom and sister. I don’t talk to my sister on the weekends because that’s her “family time.” 

So this weekend I finally got my break away from my chitlins. I called my mom about 79,667,536,808 times, talked to my grandma and she thought I was my sister, skipped a family reunion because 95% of them are idiot whore assholes, sat on my couch to watch movies, played on my phone, talked to my brother briefly, cleaned, and I’m going grocery shopping before picking up the kids. Sounds exciting, right?!!?!

With a break away , you’d think I’d be extremely happy and do fun things.. This is not true. I was so sad and depressed. I called Seth twice, and talked to Sophie’s dad about her a few times. I’m ready for those two monsters to be home. When you are around them forever then they leave for two days.. Kinda heartbreaking. Can’t wait to see them!

Here’s some photos of my uneventful weekend…

Mountain Dew, Hershey’s bar,  and cheeseburger my mom brought to be before she went to the family reunion. Yum

Washing my face with my charcoal sugar scrub. Absolutely love facewashes with activated charcoal. Plus you can whiten your teeth with activated charcoal!! My mirror needs a good windex. #nomakeupselfie 

So that was my fun filled weekend. I’m such a party animal. 

Saw this and thought it was hilarious

Ready for sleep

what’s new pussycat

The weekend is here!!!!! I’m extremely excited about this because maybe instead of waking up at 6:15am, I might get to sleep until 7am. Depending on the lovely children. I have not slept for crap the past week due to my memory foam mattresses top being ruinied. My daughter has been peeing like crazy and went through her pull up, a thick blanket and two sets of sheets…..soaked my memory foam top…which..if you own one.. You know there isn’t much you can do to clean them..this saddens me. 
Not many plans for the next few days. I’m personally looking forward to Sunday because the forecast says we are supposed to have a thunderstorm. A cup of coffee with the windows opened, sounds like an amazing day. In reality, my kids will probably be fighting, throwing tantrums, I’ll be cleaning and drinking a million cups of coffee. 

Until next time..


  As much as I have missed Sophie, it has been nice to spend the weekend with Seth. As Sophie went to her dads, Seth got to stay home with me. He was absolutely thrilled about this. So Friday we played outside and visited some neighbor friends of ours, which Seth gets along with them so well. This morning we went to yard sales with my mom and played kickball and tag with the neighborhood kids. After going on a dinosaur adventure, we went inside and he requested dinner to be baked chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, and steamed broccoli. It was delicious. Not for sure what we will do tomorrow until Sophie gets home…but for now, I will enjoy my cuddles with my 6 year old who is now telling me he is too old for hugs and kisses..but wants me to snuggle up with him when he is tired. I will take what I can get! 

My little nugget. Excuse my haggard appearance, I woke up like this. Fo sho 

 Snag of the day; 84 kids books including some chapter books. We absolutely love to read.

Weekend summary

​    It was a busy weekend filled with outside fun. Friday Sophie did not take a nap so I knew she’d be ready to sleep early. After Seth got home, we played outside for about an hour, Sophie got a bath and was out by 5:30. Seth wanted to play outside some more, so I opened the windows to watch him out front, while I worked on my “to do list” and my nag list. He came inside around 8:00 had a bath and insisted on staying up because he didn’t have school. He made it until 11:45. 

 Saturday we got up and did some very light housework then went to my moms for a BBQ and more play time. Once we got back, we played outside with our wonderful neighbors until it was too dark and everyone was tired. 

  Then to end the weekend, we were invited to a weenie roast, completed with smores and great friends. It was a wonderful , busy weekend. Thanks to everyone who made it nice!! 

Dang Seth, back at it again with the fast legs. 

I haven’t done a blog for a while, so now is the time.

As my alarm went off six times this morning, I kept hitting snooze. I finally got up and looked at the clock…its 7:10am!!!!! Seth’s bus picks up at 7:30. So now I have Seth , Sophie, and myself to get dressed, Seth breakfast, bookbag emptied and papers signed, Seth’s teeth brushed and to get to the bus stop…

This would be a good time to throw in there that if we are too late for the bus, my car is at the mechanic getting a new ball joint put on. So no way to get to school..

As we stumbled out the door, Seth looks immaculate, Soph and I look slightly homeless. I hear the bus and we are the equivalent of two blocks away…the bus is in sight…its his bus number and bus driver….Seth takes off running..those little misquote bit up legs were getting it. As Seth is screaming and yelling, “Wait for me, Dont leave me!!” He is about twenty feet away…Sophie and I are booking it behind him..the doors slowly close and take off. Seth dramatically falls to the ground crying hysterically, saying how his teacher will be sad if he isn’t there. He is almost unconsolable..at this point I’m thinking who can I call to get Seth to school…then its pointed out to us by a bystander, that the bus Seth ran ever so fast for…was actually the bus for the middle school and high school students..I look down at my phone and see that it’s only 7:19 am. So (long dramatic pause) by the time we woke up and got to the bus stop…. All of the events have taken place. 9 minutes… 9 minutes I got everyone ready and to the bus stop. I deserve an award. I’ll take Starbucks gift card, or taco bell..

Tomorrow….I will not hit snooze.
Okay maybe only once..

Seth getting off the bus yesterday